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Service Planning

The Assessment Process and Service Delivery Plans

In order to help each child reach their fullest potential, Blue sky staff initiate an assessment process.  When a child comes into our care, we ask for detailed information so we can begin to better understand the child.  We also use specific assessment tools to help further identify the child’s strengths and needs.

Once an assessment has been completed and a child’s strengths and needs are identified, the information collected is used in a formal planning process and contributes to the design of an individual Service Delivery Plan (SDP).  The SDP includes medical and legal information about the child, as well as information about their academics, relationships and activities of daily living.  The creation of an SDP is a process that involves families, social workers and other professionals involved in the child’s life.  The SDP clearly outlines the child’s strengths and needs in addition to specifying the goals and activities that will help the child develop to their fullest potential during their time with Blue sky.

Families and children are given the opportunity to fully participate in the development of the SDP and to attend any program meetings that involve the development of their goals.  These meetings provide a good opportunity to set new goals and offer any suggestions to help those we serve.

SDP’s are updated on a regular basis depending on the age of the child and the Blue sky program.