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Referrals to our programs are made by Child Youth and Family Services (CYFS) staff, and program fees are paid by CYFS. CYFS social workers communicate directly with Blue sky's Director of Programs and Services and Intake Coordinator to determine placement availability. Once a potential placement is identified, the CYFS worker is required to provide detailed information to Blue sky so we can confirm the placement and provide the best possible care.  

Transition and Discharge

When a child or youth is transitioned into another Blue sky program, a Transition Plan will be made available that includes the child’s current progress (educationally, emotionally, vocationally and medically), the goals met while in care, and will indicate what support systems will be required. We develop a transition plan that addresses a person's developmental, medical, social, emotional and acedemic strengths and needs.  The families and children are given as much advance notice as possible and are requested to offer input that would help make any transition easier on those who need to move.

When a child or youth leaves the care of Blue sky, a written Discharge Summary will be provided that will include the date of admission; identify the presenting condition of the child/ or youth served; a description of services provided while in care; and will outline goals and objectives that were met.  The discharge summary will explain why the discharge is taking place and provide a list of recommendations for future support services.

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