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Blue sky Care

Sometimes families go through a period when they need extra help.  To protect children and keep them safe, the court may order that a child or children cannot live at home. When this happens, Blue sky is asked to help to care for these children. 

Blue sky is dedicated to the care of children, youth and families.  Based on the individual needs of the child or youth, we focus on working with the program team to ensure every decision made is done so in the best possible interests of the child or youth.

Blue sky makes every effort to involve family members in all stages of the decision making process.  Families are invited to work with Blue sky  to be active in their child’s care.  We recognize that every family is different so specific visitation and telephone communication schedules are made in consultation with the program team.

Blue sky offers a variety of services aimed to meet the diverse needs of children & youth including:

  • Dietician
  • Educational consultant
  • Nursing visits
  • Physician
  • Developmental consultant
  • Completion of Individualized Assessments
  • Individualized Service Delivery Plans (SDP) that are regularly reviewed

If you have any concerns, you are more than welcome to talk to any Blue sky employee. The Home Supervisor or Program Manager will have detailed information about the home and the child or youth so they would be a good point of contact.

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