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What we do

Every child needs a home - a place where they feel safe. Where they are cared for - and cared about. Blue sky provides homes for children and youth when they need one; be it a day, a month or a long term living arrangement depending on what the child needs.

Our fully accredited residential programs are designed around children and youth, from respite for a foster family to 24 hour nursing care for a child with exceptional needs, our team (including the department of Child, Youth and Family Services) works with each child, their family and their support team to ensure their Blue sky home provides the best possible care. To accomplish this, we deliver service in three types of residential settings. 

Emergency Placement Homes

Our Emergency Placement Homes support children and youth aged 0-18  when the plan of care is for the child to return to their family, or to a foster family within a relatively short period of time (generally 60 days or less).  We are contracted to provide EPH beds in St. John's, Placentia, Grand Falls-Windsor, Botwood and on the West Coast. 

Group Homes

Our Group Home program provides care to children and youth whose needs for residential support and programming are longer term in nature.  Within this program we provide for latency age and adolescent children and youth whose exceptional needs require high levels of support, or for whom a residential placement is the best available option. Daily programming is unique to each individual to help foster relationships and develop skills that encourage resiliency and independence.   Direct entry program referrals are made by CYFS, or children may internally transfer to this program from the Emergency Care Program.

Individualized Living Arrangements

In some cases, we also provide individualized living arrangments for one or two young people with special needs.  These young people, like all the children and youth we care for, are in the protective care of the Director of Child Welfare, generally on a long term basis.  The homes do not operate as a program and are essentially set up around the needs of a particular individual. 

Our Homes

Each Blue sky home is specially selected to provide a safe and comfortable environment for kids.   Typically, Blue sky homes are newer single family dwellings located in various neighborhoods.   While all our homes are inspected for safety and meet all codes, you won’t see an “institutional” look to a Blue sky home. In fact, it will be like any other typical home - schedules and homework on the fridge, family pictures on the wall, food in the cupboards - and probably a few pairs of shoes in the front porch.

Each Blue sky home has a supervisor and a core group of staff who ensure all the elements of good care - from family involvement to academic progress, good nutrition to developmentally appropriate activities - are planned and delivered in a child-focused way.